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Mailing list

There is a technical problem at this moment, you can subscribe, but the e-mails are not forwarded. If it is not solved soon I will delete this section.

What can we know about it?

The ANTENNA International Kraftwerk Mailing list is intented to be an effective, cheap and comfortable connection between Kraftwerk fans.

It is a 'closed list', it means, that you can write messages only from the original subscribed e-mail. For this reason the person who does not subsrcibe can not write to the other list members.
In the subject of the mailing list messages the word [KRAFTWERK] can be seen as identification.

The language of the mailing list is English.

It is NOT official mailing list!

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How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe at
This page is multilingual (English is default), filling the required fields is easy and clear.

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How can I send a message?

After a succesfull subscription you can send your messages to

There is a technical problem at this moment, you can subscribe, but the e-mails are not forwarded. If it is not solved soon I will delete this section.

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What are the rules of the mailing list?

1. Please, send your messages from the originally subscribed e-mail address. If you do not do so, the other list members will not receive your messages.

2. When answering a message, please, do not modify the subject and the address. Just simply answer the message (reply).

3. Please, if it is possible, do not send e-mail in HTML format. In order to keep the best form, the list server automatically will convert the HTML messages to plain text.

4. The size limit of e-mails is 40kb. Please, do not send larger e-mails. The large size messages are not forwarded to the list members. If you have any kind of file, picture etc. to show to the members, please, upload anywhere and e-mail only the link to the list.

5. Furthermore, please, do not send message, that
- dishonourable, slandering, contempting for human beings, threatening, obscene, vulgar or pornographic and/or a reason for civilian or criminal pursuit supplies or such a behavior causes against other legal regulations,
- violates copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights of a third party,
- contains a virus or other harmful element,
- serves a commercial purpose, it contains an advertisement or an commercial announcement, offers commercial services or donating calls,
- is not suitable for the readership of the list,
- endangers the unimpaired enterprise of the discussion list in any way.

Some important remarks, please, keep in mind:
- private audio / video recordings - without permission - are illegal materials in Kraftwerk's legal opinion;
- the list is being hosted in Hungary;
- according to the current Hungarian law, downloading and private use of music pieces and videos are not illegal, irrespectively of circumstances of their creation;
- the list operator does not have information about other (not Hungarian) country's copyright laws, please, read your country's copyright laws, it is your personal responsibility;
- there is no downloadable sound or visual material on the server of this mailing list;
- the list administrator does not control the list, the messages are forwarded without filtering;
- the list administrator (activer) and the list operator (AKTÍV REKORD Kft.) do not take any responsibility with respect to the contents of the messages sent to the mailing list;
- if you want to raise an objection regarding a message because of violation of copyright laws, you can initiate the removal of that message from the list archives in written form. In your request you have to prove the legal relation (your identity, your principal, etc.), the reason of your request, you have to identify the message you want to have deleted (correct link to the archive), you have to provide contact information of your principal / copyright owner (name, organistaion, address and phone), and the request has to be authenticated by the official signature of the principal / copyright holder. The request can be faxed to: +36 1 700 1956 on working days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CET;
- the list administrator does not remove a list member on the request of any other list member.

Unfortunately spammers often use '' as a sender domain and it is blocked by some of the Internet service providers (ISPs). So this may be the reason if you do not receive posts from Kraftwerk mailing list. Please contact your ISP to remove the domain from its blacklist or filters. If the problem persists, please change to a new e-mail.

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How can I unsubscribe?

Enter your subscription e-mail address at the bottom of the page

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What if I need more help?

In case of any problem, should you have any questions concerning the mailing list, please send e-mail to in English.

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Where can I find the archives of the list?

The archives of The International Kraftwerk Mailing list is free for everybody and can be seen at
[ under construction ]

There is a technical problem at this moment, if it is not solved soon I will delete this section.

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