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This is not an official Kraftwerk site, this is just a fan page.

This 'Kraftwerk Frequently Asked Questions and answers' list was founded in 1994 by Kevin Busby. In 2004 I took over the editing and hosting. One year later, in 2005, the domain name '' was also given to me. Since then a lots of things have happened, the history is still undergoing a change. Nowadays, in the shadow of social(?) media, when the Internet is full of garbage, full of fake news and trolls, this 30-year time interval is a nice period for a simple website...
I hope this FAQ will be available forever as a free and accurate resource for the Kraftwerk fans all over the world.

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Terms and conditions

The is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

These conditions were made in order to safeguard the continuation of the FAQ as a freely available, accurate resource, however, no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of any information given. This FAQ is unofficial and no endorsement from or connection with Kraftwerk, their agents, pets or vocoders is implied. The most recent copy of the FAQ is always available at

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Privacy Policy

The pages of The do not use 'cookies', do not collect any information about the visitors and do not contain third-party code snippets.

The e-mails sent to me are deleted immediately after reading. I have no contact list and I will not keep anyone's email address in any form.

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2004 - nowadays: see the 'Changes' page...
1994 - 2004: Special thanks to Kevin Busby, who established, maintained and updated the FAQ list for ten years.
Thanks to Jose Garcia for advice and criticism, particularly early in the creation of the FAQ, and to Klaus Zäpke for sharing his expert knowledge.
Thanks also to Russ Allert, Michael Yaroshevsky, Blanks, Markus Berzborn, Jason Polland, Yoichiro Ogo, Kirke Sonnichsen, Stephen Parsick, Tom Fenn and David Davis for suggestions, corrections and additional information.

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Kraftwerk FAQ magyarul / Hungarian translation by Tibor Bennárik

The following authorised translations of this FAQ were available on other sites:
Japanese translation / Japanese translation by Yoichiro Ogo (not updated)
Kraftwerk FAQ en Català / Catalan translation by Jordi Tornos (not updated)

- I always try to use web standards (html / css), combined with usability and minimal design.
- I do not deal with trading/copying of bootlegs and officially published materials.
- I do not participate in organizing Kraftwerk and/or any other electronic music related events.
- I am not willing to advertise other sites, I do not participate in link exchange (maybe non-profit fan sites).
- My domain names are not for sale.

Thank you for your visit!

Tibor Bennárik
(Powerplant .hu)

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