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Feedback on these pages is welcome. Should you have any comments, suggestions regarding to the contents of this FAQ, please feel free to contact me in English.

If you are trying to email Kraftwerk, please, read this entry in the FAQ! If you need to contact Kraftwerk's management or representatives, please, try asking their record label, not me: I have no information about this! I have never had any connection with Kraftwerk so far!

- Remember that the purpose of an FAQ list is to answer Frequently Asked Questions. It is not a list of every single piece of trivia. Please, do not ask questions which are answered here. I might be able to help with other questions about Kraftwerk, but this is not intended to be an enquiry service and a news site, just a FAQ.
- I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that e-mail is not an interactive form of communication, where you can get a prompt answer. If not immediately, I will try to answer later...
- Please, do not send any attachments in your e-mail, because I will not read it! Sending of any attachments only after previous agreement. The subject of your message has to be meaningful, otherwise it is not sure that I will read it.
- Please, do not ask about locality and exchange of bootlegs! I do not deal with copying of bootlegs and officially published materials.
- Please, do not ask my permission for use of any Kraftwerk song, remember, I have never had any connection with Kraftwerk so far, I am just a fan.
- I do not participate in organizing Kraftwerk or any other electronic music related events.
- I am not willing to advertise other sites, I do not participate in link exchange (except nonprofit fan sites).
- The domain name '' is not for sale.

Name: Tibor Bennárik
(nickname: Powerplant)
e-mail: info at kraftwerkfaq dot com

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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